In each of us there is a huge undiscovered potential, new ideas, thoughts, solutions. Moving forward, people create the future with each passing day. We are Here! – these are open opportunities for implenting ideas into reality.

From all corners of the immense Earth, people have something to say. We want to collect stories about the unique places of our planet. Create a mosaic of unique subjects to create the future!

The Mediafestival is aimed at

  • preserving and promoting heritage and cultural diversity of Russia and the countries of near and far abroad in the youth environment
  • promotion of creative and constructive values in the youth environment using available information technologies
  • development of interregional and international cooperation of children and young people
  • recognition and encouragement of talented children and young people

Tasks of the Mediafestival are

  • the information field saturation with media products about human values, the heroes of the past, present and future, and also about ecology and the development of cities of the future
  • moral breeding and Patriotic education of children and young people
  • trigger launch of positive, healthy trends in the media sphere

Topics of Mediafestival

Cultural code of the World

Ecology of Life

Future Today

Relevant Professions

Sport philosophy

Simply space

Nominations of Mediafestival

The best video

The best cartoon

The best social advertisement

the best  documentary film

the best short film

the Jury

 Dmitry Liu
Dmitry Liu
Director and producer, founder of China International Film & Media
Darina Schmidt
Darina Schmidt
Director, artist, animator, screenwriter, editor. The main director, the artist characters, the scriptwriter of the series “Luntik and his friends”. Works at the animation studio “Mill”.
Nikiforov Yuri Alexandrovich
Nikiforov Yuri Alexandrovich
Head of the scientific sector of the Russian Military Historical Society.
Artem Krivich
Artem Krivich
Creator of the blog platform for social journalism CONT (
Dmitry Puchkov
Dmitry Puchkov
Publicist, a well-known blogger and developer of computer games.
Oleg Petrovich Mukhin
Oleg Petrovich Mukhin
Member of the Bureau of the Presidium of the Federation of Cosmonautics of Russia and First Vice-President of the North-West Interregional Public Organization of the Federation of Cosmonautics of the Russian Federation, Honorary Academician of the Russian Academy of Cosmonautics named after K. E. Tsiolkovsky
Anastasia R. Melnikova
Anastasia R. Melnikova
Deputy of legislative assembly of Saint-Petersburg, Honoured actress of Russian Federation
Lukyanchikov Egor
Lukyanchikov Egor
Director of Communications and Public Relations WAT “Victory Volunteers”


Together with the Union of Cities of military glory of Russia

Russian Military Historical Society

The Committee on youth policy and interaction with public organizations of Saint-Petersburg

The Committee on education of Saint-Petersburg

Non-governmental organization “Center of Students’ Initiatives “North-West”

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